Teachers, Do You Make These Mistakes?

  • Do Students leave your Training Courses Empty-Handed?
  • Do you forget to Celebrate your Students’ Accomplishments?
  • Are you getting Honest Student Feedback after every Course?

Why Choose CertificateGenie

In just a few minutes, CertificateGenie will help you:

  • Give Your Students the Recognition and Documentation they Deserve
  • Celebrate your Students’ Accomplishments
  • Become a 5-Star Teacher by getting Real-time Student Feedback after every Course
Award Certificates


Send Certificates to your Entire Class with one Click

How many times have Students left your courses Empty-Handed?

Celebrate your Students’ Accomplishments with beautiful Certificates and give them the Recognition they deserve.

CertificateGenie is the only software on the Market that allows you to create and send Certificates to Multiple people at one time.

Stay Connected with your Students

Your Students will always remember you because Your Name and Contact Information will be prominently displayed on their Certificate.

Your Certificate becomes the Perfect Business Card!

Receive Honest Student Feedback after Every Course

CertificateGenie has an automated Customer Survey feature that allows you to receive valuable Feedback from your Students after every Course.

The Survey contains Simple but Powerful Questions, and takes less than two minutes to complete.

Use your Feedback to become an Awesome Teacher, and Improve your Courses.

How It Works

Use CertificateGenie to Create and Send

Professional Certificates to Your Students in just a few Easy Steps:

Step 1. Enter the Names and Email Addresses of Your Students
Generate online certificates
Step 2. Create your Personalized Certificate
Design personalized certificates
Step 3. Preview Your Certificate before Sending It
personalized certificates sample
Step 4. Send Your Personalized Certificate, and a Feedback Survey to all your Students
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