TaxMLS was created to Solve the Top Three Major Headaches with Tax Foreclosure Investing:

  • There are 100 Counties in NC and every County maintains its own Tax Foreclosure database.  Searching so many different websites for the Tax Foreclosures is a real pain for Investors.

Our Mission at TaxMLS is to create a convenient 'One-Stop-Shop' for all NC Triangle Tax Foreclosure Property Listings.

  • Secondly, the most important thing Investors look for when researching Investment Properties are Clear, Current Property Photos.   Until now, Investors would view Property Photos on the County Public Records sites or Google Maps, which are normally of poor Quality and Out-of-date; or they waste Hours driving around town Hunting Down Tax Foreclosure Properties.

Our Mission at TaxMLS is to provide Investors with High Quality, Up-to-date Property Photos taken from multiple angles, so they can streamline their Property Search.

  • Last but not least, County Foreclosure Auction Details (Dates, Times, and Locations) can be almost Impossible to obtain. 

Our Mission at TaxMLS is to provide Investors with these Key Auction Details, so they can be Prepared to Purchase these Incredible Real Estate Deals!

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